LLC MegaDiesel

Parts manufacturing
according to customer's drawings


Belarus, Minsk,
31a Prushinsky St., office 96

+375 (29) 195-77-77



The company Megadiesel LLC is located in the Republic of Belarus.

The company was created to provide quality services to enterprises in the field of processing of metals and plastics, the production of molds for injection molding machines, serial dies. Our company has a fleet of modern equipment, the staff of highly qualified employees.

We produce parts according to the draft, sketch or sample.



We offer turning services on CNC milling machines. Processing of all types of metals and alloys is possible. Roughing and finishing. Processing of both single and serial parts.


We offer milling services with the ability to process up to 5 axes. Processing is carried out on CNC machines using modern measuring and cutting tools, which contributes to the high quality of the machined parts.


We offer grinding and polishing services for parts. We offer surface grinding, cylindrical outer and inner. All work is carried out on CNC machines. We also offer profile grinding of parts.

Electroerosive processing

We offer wire cutting EDM services on machines with controlled 4 axes. We are also able to perform electroerosive piercing with a copper and graphite electrode. This type of processing has undeniable advantages for the processing of molds and dies.

Heat treatment

We offer heat treatment of carbon and tool steels. We are able to carry out heat treatment in a vacuum oven, which brings the characteristics of the workpiece closer to the table. High surface quality, lack of scale and decarburized surface makes it possible to use parts without post-processing.


We carry out the design of parts and products according to your reference terms, analogues and samples. We carry out engineering calculations for the strength of stiffness and durability. We perform work on the optimization of parts according to the loads and operating conditions of the parts.